What We do

We both grew up on Ithaca and have been good friends since kindergraden.

After studying in different cities we have both returned “home” and live here permanently.

Over the years, starting when we were teenagers, we both developed a passion for photography and cinematography.

With time and hard work we managed to turn our hobby into a business.

We are very devoted and passionate about our work.

Since every wedding is different and unique we try to reflect that in our pictures and films.

Our services

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Drone
  • Wedding Slideshow
  • Movie-Filming
  • Photo Prints
  • Pre/After wedding
  • Projector for Rent

Wedding on Ithaca

Get married in Ithaca, the beautiful gem of the Ionian Sea and the mythical land of Odysseus!

Ithaca has a lot to offer and is a special place to get married.

Many couples choose to get married on Lazareto, the small island located in the picturesque harbor of Vathy.

Arriving there by boat you enjoy the privacy of the small Island, sharing it only with your guests.

The Chapel is very small so usually the ceremony takes place outside under the pine trees.

Ithaca has an abundance of churches and chapels, some large and some small, somne in the town or villages and some in nature, some in the mountains and some by the sea. So whatever you’ve going for there are plenty of unique places to choose from on Ithaca that will make your day extra bit special.




Years of experience




Happy Clients

Wedding Photography

We take pictures of the bride and groom preparations, wedding dress, suite, wedding rings, decoration, venue, guests, ceremony, reception, dance, family-group  and everything else you might need.

Wedding Videography

We shoot while the bride and groom prepare, the wedding dress and suite, wedding rings, decoration, venue, guests, ceremony, reception and dance. We provide all the available footage montaged, and a music (of your choice) wedding clip with all the highlights.

Pre/After wedding

Let’s go for a walk a day after (or before) your wedding to take pictures in a beautiful landscape with no anxiety and angry, hungry guests waiting. Also did you think to entertain those guests waiting for you at the reception? It would be nice for a funny story telling film with you as the main actors (like this one) to play. If you are shy or don’t like acting what about a slideshow (like this one) with photos of you as children till the day you met and got married?

Drone Video

Love is in the air…

There’s nothing better than the view from above. We capture your wedding and the sight  from the skies.

Ithaca is the ideal place for drone especially in places like Lazaretto Isle or small chapels in the Mountain.

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