How much will it cost?
We have various packages to suit most budgets. Please contact us to give you our rates.

Do you offer custom packages?
Absolutely!  We can tailor a package to any budget.  Just give us a call!

Do you require a deposit?
Yes.  We require a 20% deposit to secure your date.  This goes toward your final payment.

I need a last minute wedding photographer/videographer. Is there any point getting in touch with you? And do you charge more for last minute wedding bookings?

Sometimes we have a date free, or receive a cancellation, so we encourage you to get in touch at your earliest convenience. Rest assured, there’s absolutely no extra cost for last minute bookings. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate you.

Can we get the unedited photos and video footage?

In general we don’t give our unedited-raw footage. If for some reason you want this, you have to ask for it beforehand and not after the wedding and there is small extra charge for that. Also you need to provide us with a hard disk (or with the cost of the hard disk) because our unedited files are extremely large (Video files can be up to 250gb).

How do we proceed?

All you have to do is contact via this page, and let me know what you think.

Not Answered Your Question?
Please feel free to email us and we will be happy to go over any other questions you may have on.



You will receive an average of 600 photos on typical wedding (preparations-ceremony-reception).

That number doesn’t dictate how much we will shoot. It’s how many pictures you can expect delivered after the wedding is over.


Most of our wedding come with one photographer, although you can always add on a second photographer for an additional cost.


Yes! We love destination weddings. Send us more information on your travel plans, and we will create a custom wedding collection to suit your needs including our expenses.


I use all of the best Nikon full frame equipment. At the moment I work with a D750, a D610 and a big variety of lenses. All of my cameras and lenses have a backup in the rare event that anything should happen to one of my pieces.


I would say that my approach to wedding photography is mainly photojournalism, while I will take all the group shots you want I will also include candid and spontaneous reportage pictures, some artistic shots suggesting poses that are not imposed and allow bride and groom to feel completely comfortable. I will take all the group shots you want.


Yes all of your photos will be fully edited so that the color, exposure, white balance etc will be exactly as I intend them to be. 



Why should I get a wedding video?
It depends on how important it is to you to have your wedding documented and to be able to re-live and share your wedding day with your family and friends, now and into the future. If it is, a wedding video is one of the best possible ways to capture your special day as well as all the emotion and joy of that day. The amount of happiness that your wedding film will bring you, both immediately and into the future, makes it a must-have for any couple.

Is editing included in the prices?
Editing is included in all packages, this includes montage and color balance.

What is a highlight short film?
All the best moments from your wedding day edited together beautifully in your very own personalised wedding movie. The length of your film will be around 4-10 minutes depending on the footage.

How long is the final video?
Depending on the length of your ceremony and the party, the final video usually ends up being between 2 and 5 hours long.  The “short film” is around 4-10 minutes.

Is the video in HD?
All of my video is shot in full 1080p high definition.  You may choose whether or not to receive your DVDs in standard definition or Blu-Ray.

In what form will I receive my video?
You get one digital copy either in a usb stick or uploaded via cloud, but can you can order extra usb, DVD and Blu-Ray if you wish.

How long does it take for the final video to be delivered to me?
Please allow up to 8 weeks for editing in  Busy season (June – September) may take a bit longer.

What do you do about low light situations?
In general I try to use natural light as long as possible and my cameras have a high tolerance in low light situations, but when it is possible and appropriate, I bring two small led lights that can illuminate a dimly lit alter, dance floor or head table. This ensures that the main events of your wedding, the speeches and the first dances are properly lit.

Can We Choose Our Own Music For The Movie?
Of course! It’s your film so if you have a favourite track then I will definitely use it. However I could also choose a music track that I think will fit the movie. Often this might be instrumental music or a song that I was inspired for your wedding. The aim is to make a film not a pop video so to fit my style some tracks wont work, but we can discuss what music your happy with prior to editing.

How Does The Relationship Between The Photographer And Videographer Work?
Over the years I have worked with various photographers some on repeated occasions and there has never been a problem. If I have a set way I get certain shots I always speak to the photographer before hand to make sure it wont get in the way of his shot and vice-versa. The reason we are there is to capture your wedding the best we can and that will only happen if the photographer and videographer work together with this aim in mind. I’m happy to say over the years this has always been the case

Can We Make Changes?
You can make changes within reason. You have seen my work and you have an idea of what I will produce. However I want it to be perfect for you and if there is a shot you want taking out or adding in etc so I am more than happy to do this to ensure its just right for you.

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